About Us


We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding service and the highest quality products in LED lighting. Our LED Lightings is an extremely flexible and versatile LED solution that ensure an excellent quality of light, targeted where is required, at the same time allows to decrease the hot spot and improve the light distribution onto the higher position for building facade. Floodlight LED (meets IP66 standard) for variety of lighting needs across three different architectural areas of lighting and signage. From 2 watts (equivalent to 20 watts incandescent) to 7.5 watts (equivalent to 75 watts incandescent), available in warm white and cool white also known as daylight.


To create a company focusing on the energy saving field by manufacturing high efficiency, reliable and affordable products.


Our vision is to provide our communities with the variety of low power consumption home products through innovation and modern technology.





Felipe Herrador – CTO

  • Originally from Santa Ana, El Salvador
  • +30 years as a design engineer in the power supply industry
  • Bachelor degree in Engineering from the Technological Institute of El Salvador.
  • Now focusing on creating new energy efficient technology for power supplies that drive LED lighting, space heaters, solar applications and more.

Monica Herrador – COO/CFO

  • Originally from Jalisco, Mexico
  • 20 years in the electrical industry
  • Bachelor degree in Engineering from Technological Institute of Guzman, Jalisco, MX.